• Face Shield Clear Complete With Bowguard

    • Clear Polycarbonate visor
    • One size fits all
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Size: 190mm x 210mm
    • Applicable for impact resistance, dust isolation
    chemical splash isolation
    • High impact 120m/s (a special test rig fires a 6.35mm

  • General Features

    Wide vision polycarbonate lens

    PVC frame

    Frame thickness 1.8mm

    Optical class 1

    Shade scale number 2C-1.2

    Mechanical strength B(120m/s)

    Ideal for grinding

  • EN166 approved Economy Gas Welding & Cutting Goggles.

    Flip Up lenses for convenience.

    Indirect vent for comfort & safety.

  • Polycarbonate mono lens
    Black nylon frame & adjustable temples
    Ergonomic design
    Compatible with respiratory equipment
    Anti-fog lens (Clear only)
    Anti-glare lens (Amber, Grey & Green)
    Scratch resistant lens
    180° lateral vision

  • Safety Glasses, clear glasses or tinted safety glasses , polycarbonate scratch resistant glasses, with excellent scratch, ballistic impact, debris, particle resistance. Safety glasses for men protects your eyes from wind, airborne contaminants, splashing water and bad weather. Pack of 30 pairs safety glasses for men.
    Wraparound Design & Soft: Wraparound design with transparent lenses provides direct and peripheral visibility, wraparound lens design allows the clear and tinted safety glasses to easily fit your face while also providing excellent eye protection, safety glasses tinted combine versatility and value for comfort, and contour fit

  • The flip front 108 x 51 mm helmet is a polypropylene welding helmet for MIG, TIG and arc welding.

  • Polycarbonate lens
    Scratch Resistant Coating coating
    Wide and clear vision: Due to the panoramic design, don’t impact your vision. Protective eyewear can be used indoors and outdoors without interfering with color recognition.
    Comforble:No heavy or uncomfortable metal frames. With elastic rope design for comfortable, secure fit. For ultimate fit and comfortble to give you a perfect fit without the slipping


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